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Atira Jewellery

          "ATIRA" is a Thai designer jewelry brand, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Our jewelries, although defined as "high end costume jewelry", are made out of real natural stones, mainly gemstones and silver 92.5%. ATIRA aims to combine the contemporary design with the prestige of valuable gemstones to create pieces are modern, fashionable, as well as can still continue to be cherished through time. 

           Our first collection aims to capture the essence of our brand which can be perfectly described by the word "Angel". Although this concept can be somewhat overused, our interpretation of this concept for our first collection aims to capture a different angel of this word. Many people are stuck with the idea of what an Angel should be, a perfectly good, shiny, white person with wings. In conceptual reality, Angels can be of different types and styles, which is a great reflection of a woman. Secondly, "you" are always "someone's angel", whether "you" are rich/poor/tall/short, there is someone who will always treasure you, which is how we hope our jewelries to mean to its owners. Last but not least, a concept of "Angel" has lasted through times, and will continue to be for a long time. It is something most woman wants to be, whether young or old. Concept stays, but what "Angel" means in terms of style changes slightly through time. That is also how we hope our jewelry would be, modern and fashionable, while can continue to be cherish through times.

            To celebrate a new beginning of ATIRA, we present three concepts of Angel: White Angel, Dark Angel, and Little Angel (Cupid).